Vico - a lifelike learning experience

Vico is a platform that provides learning in a lively, intuitive way, as if the teacher and the student were in the same room. By preserving the traditional teaching system, Vico enables clients to get all the benefits of a live one on one or group learning experience remotely.

We want to remove restrictions on the choice of school, to provide students with more opportunities no matter where they are. Access to a better education, hindering the need for extra time on the road, getting a more flexible schedule and the opportunity to study wherever you want.

Educational institutions will be able to provide different programs to a greater number of students, regardless of borders, distances, and without expanding the space of the educational institution. Borders are opening up and the possibility of providing places to the students from anywhere in the world.

Online classroom
Offline mode
Online classroom

Vico Communications has set to provide a lifelike experience in distance education. We want to preserve traditional human touch approach within a modern technological environment.  No matter where the teacher and student are located, they can work together as if they were in the same room sitting close to one another, utilizing just an iPad tablet. The tablet works as a blackboard for the teacher and as a notebook for the student.

The format is familiar to both teacher and student, making our service more accessible to consumers than existing business meeting oriented tools.

Call student to the board

The teacher can call a student to the blackboard. A call to the board may be accompanied by an oral or written answer.

In the case of an oral answer, the video stream of the speaker is broadcast. The speaker, at his/her own discretion, can replace the broadcast of his/her face with the display of his workbook or notebook, where he can give written explanations to the answer.

In the case of a written report, the student gains access to the teacher's board and can write on it, as if it were in a real classroom.


During the lesson, the teacher can send assignments to students and control their execution.

The control is possible due to the possibility of displaying information from the student's notebook. This allows you to see not only the result, but the order of solving the task, which is also important.

The teacher can make marks in the student's notebook, directing him towards the right decision.

Comparison table
Features Real classroom DIY or self education platforms (coursera, udemy) Video conference tool (Zoom, Skype) Vico online classroom
Works with pen
Sees the blackboard
Saves the blackboard
Interaction with the teacher
Interaction with students
Works with notebook
Turn in homework
Gives access no matter the location the teacher or student
The possibility of working with teachers from different schools
No need for spending extra time on the road
No need for extra hardware